Meet The Commanders, Trainers And Warriors Of YFC

The Trainers


Youngsters Football Club has a staff of dedicated and professional coaches who are passionate about the sport. They are driven forward with the same motivation that everyone in our club shares. The main goal is to help passionate youngsters unlock their true potential in the game. With the help of modern and advanced training methods, our coaches are able to train the players in the best possible way.

OUR Coaches

Sajeev Maria


Vinay Kanwar

Hony Secretary

Kanwar Vinod

Sr. Vice President

The Warriors

Our Players

Without them, the club has no significance. Our players are the people who are driven forward with a true passion for the game. They are willing to stop at nothing in their journey of greatness. With the proper guidance and training from our coaches and directors, these youngbloods are able to discover their unmatchable skills and unlock their true potential. The success of our players means the success of our coaches and ultimately, the success of our whole club.


Gurjeet Singh

Navdeep Singh

Pankhil Sharma

Sankalp Kanwar

Nikhil Prashar

Chirag Kanwar

Saurav Routella

Shubham Khurana

Varinder Kanwar

Varinder Kumar


The Healers

Our Physiotherapist

Problems like muscle strain, sprain, and fatigue are common while playing any sport. At YFC, we believe that a player is only able to give his/her best while he/she is in perfect health. It is due to this reason that we have a certified physiotherapist in our club who provides real-time therapy to the players. Not only that, but also our coaches get training from our physiotherapists to provide the required support in case of emergencies. Our players are the future of our country, so, we care for their well being.


Saorav Sharma