Grassroots - Benefits & Training Sessions

The Importance Of

The Grassroots Program

YFC’s grassroots program is focused on children between the ages of 6 and 12. The main goal of the program is to bring together as many people as possible through the great sport of football. Every year, many kids who are passionate about the sport join the club and begin their journey to become iconic in the field. Youngsters Football Club’s grassroots program is important because it helps many young talented and passionate footballers in achieving their dreams.

Our coaches have years of experience in working with a lot of kids in the grassroots program and have designed special sets of rules and training programs for different age groups. Every kid is looked after with extra care and their skills are developed based on their overall performance on the field. The grassroots program is essential because it focuses on the future of football in India.

Beginner Skills

U-8 Training Sessions

A proper warm-up is essential as it gets the kids moving and in the spirit to play and train. It basically consists of some stretching exercises and a little bit of running while controlling the ball.

Activities such as controlling and passing the ball to get into the feel of the game. This is essential as it builds a mindset and gets the players in full motion.

Now will be the time to get to the actual training. This is when our coaches get creative by introducing interesting rules such as playing with 4 goals or 2 balls. This way, kids get to work on their skills while having fun.

A proper cooldown consists of stretches and small exercises such as the ones that were done in the beginning. Giving the kids tricks to do by themselves at home keeps them motivated and in the mode.

Novice Skills

U-10 Training Sessions

A warm-up is always important before every training session. It prepares the kids for the training and gets them in the right mood required for playing football.

These activities could be anything involving or not involving a ball. Activities such as running or controlling the ball are great for getting the training started.

The main part of the training is playing a couple of matches. Some interesting rules can be introduced in order to help the kids in improving their skills and strategies.

A cooldown is as important as a warm-up. It consists of similar stretching exercises and activities as there are in a warm-up. Plus, asking the kids to try out some tricks by themselves at home will build their skills and confidence.

Intermediate Skills

U-12 Training Sessions

The warm-up can have similar activities as in the case of the above age groups. However, the intensity can be greater as by this point, the kids have developed most of the skills.

The same as in the Novice skill level. Running and controlling the ball while performing some tricks will get the kids in the mood to train properly.

This is where it gets different. Since the kids have developed most of the skills, they can have full-fledged matches with all the rules of the game.

The cooldown will consist of the same activities as in the warm-up but with a lesser intensity. Since the kids have reached the intermediate level of skills, you can ask them to try a bunch of tricks by themselves at home.