Grassroots - The Beginning Of Greatness

Building The

Next Generation Of Footballers

These are the years during which a child learns the skills that could very well develop into his passion. Our grassroots program focuses on age groups 6 to 12 years old. Properly divided into different groups according to their age, the children learn the basic rules and regulations of the game while also learning how to control the ball.

Our grassroots academy is a combination of discipline and fun. A child must first learn how to enjoy a game to be able to unlock his true potential in the game. With the help of our highly-experienced coaches, your child will be able to shine in the field. You don’t have to worry at all as our academy has trained a lot of children throughout these years and the coaches know how to properly train a child. Build your child’s future as a footballer with YFC.

We Develop

The Future Of Football

The main goal of the Youngsters Football Club’s grassroots program is to bring people together through the game of Football. This way, children will learn how to share human values and improve their skills in the game while having fun with it. Our main focus is to build and develop new skills in children. This will help us in creating a bright future for children as footballers.

Our coaches are driven forward with the vision to produce future footballers who can make a name for themselves and the country in the field of football. Many players who started with us at a very young age, are now reaching the level of skill they aspired to achieve. Let your ward join us today and build a bright future in the sport.

The Basics


Every sport has a set of rules, and while there is a pre-defined set of rules for the game of football, there must be a special set of rules for special age groups. That’s why our academy has created special rules for different age groups in the grassroots program.

Our guidelines ensure that children can play safely while having all the fun they can. The coaches are advised to make the children go through all the guidelines and ensure that they are followed properly while children are playing.s